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Matica XID8300 re-transfer printer

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Matica XID 8300 Re-Transfer kaartprinter

Industrial ID Card Printers

Developed for industrial needs, the Matica XID 8300 Retransfer Printer is equipped with a number of optional modules to ensure quality printing for high volume operations. With flipper, remedy, and encoding modules, this ID card printer is versatile enough to adapt to anything your company needs. Simply plug in and play with lamination and inline encoding to create a completely unique ID card.

XID 8300 Features

Since this ID card printer is based on approved XID retransfer technology, you get the ideal combination of performance, affordability, security, and reliability. Experience top of the line features including: Over the Edge Printing Capabilities Single and Double Sided Retransfer Printing Production Time of 100 Cards Per Hour Front Loading of Supplies Color Coded Cartridge System No Contact Printhead to Minimize Risk of Card Damage Learn more about Matica ID card printers when you reach out to our team today. —

DIH10450 XID 8300 Enkelzijdig met Anti Buig module

DIH10458 XID 8300 Dubbelzijdig zonder Anti Buig module