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CardExchange Visitor Edition Upgrades


CardExchange Visitor Edition Upgrades

CardExchange® Visitor Edition Upgrades Do you need greater functionality for your cards? Then upgrade now–get the product you need using CardExchange® Visitor Edition Upgrades offered at OmniCard. Easily upgrade from the CardExchange® Visitor Enter edition or Standard edition to the fully-featured Business edition. Optimize Your Visitor Management Program Our various upgrades allow you to enjoy valuable features that enable you to optimize your visitor management program based on your company’s needs. Unlock features, tools, and functionalities like: Visitor watch lists Event management Kiosk mode or multiple lobbies Categorize event types Multiple visitor types Biometric record lookup or display Visitor email notification with barcode Non-disclosure agreement and company agreements SMTP integration Import and export files and records Advanced visitor reports Connect With Us Today If you are not sure which CardExchange® Visitor Edition Upgrade edition you need, you can visit our CardExchange® Visitor comparison chart here to find the perfect edition for you or call us at +44 (0)208 089 4980 for a tailored demo that’s customized to your unique security needs. —

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